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Olena Krochmal
Olena Krochmal
Chief Accountant

The first higher education Olena obtained in 1993 at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University for the speciality "Teacher defectologist". Since 1996 till now she has been working in accounting. She had passed a professional way from assistant accountant to chief accountant. On 2007 Olena got her second Master's Degree at the Kyiv National Economic University for the speciality "Accounting and Audit".

From the earliest days in the Law and patent agency "Pavlovych & Co." Olena is responsible for organizing and maintaining accounting and taxation to provide reliable information on the state of enterprise and effective business management. Mrs. Krochmal operatively tracks changes in the legislation to make it possible for the team to do business comfortably and increase its profitability. She believes that the success of the Company consists of its Employees every success!