Our guarantees
  • High quality of services provided
  • Flexibility of price policy
  • Оperational efficiency
  • Reliability and confidentiality
  • Individual attention to each client

Law and Patent Agency «Pavlovych and Co» is one of the young companies that actively developing at Ukrainian and International markets. Our company is combining the multidisciplinary specialists that can solve a variety of complex questions in relation to obtaining, realization, evaluation and protection of our clients’ exclusive rights for industrial property and copyright.

We implement innovative practice to provide the methodical assistance for patent specialists and applicants that wish to obtain the protective documents for objects of industrial property in Ukraine as well as in any other country in the world. The company extends the international relations in the area of legal protection of intellectual property and establishes cooperation with the companies of the leading countries in the world.

The company deals with registration and protection of the intellectual property rights including but not limited to trademarks (company names, logos), inventions, utility models, industrial designs, plant varieties and copyrights. Our reputation in this area is based on the successful solution of the complex issues involving professional skills and knowledge in combination with an individual approach to each case. The practice of our company includes the national disputes as well as international disputes in the field of protection of intellectual property rights, including the practice of administrative and judicial protection of rights. Our experience in the system of protection of intellectual property rights in different countries and also awareness of the differences between the systems of foreign countries, provide the possibility to our clients to get the protection of industrial property rights in any country of the world.

The main preference of our company is a real possibility to provide our clients with the complex services, starting from filing the applications and including their protection at courts. «Pavlovych and Co» has the highly skilled employees that allows to provide the clients with the services of the highest quality. Moreover, we put as an aim to consider the specific features of each clients’ activity, to offer only individual approaches and solutions.

The role of Law and Patent Agency «Pavlovych and Co» is to create an effective system of protection that will benefit not only the owner of the intellectual property rights, but also the society, and ensuring competition and the rules of fair trading.